When should you opt for a steel door?

Whether you’re buying for your home, your business, or your property, steel doors offer benefits often overlooked in favor of wood, plastic, or fiberglass alternatives. Before you commit to other doors for interior or exterior entryways, consider these situations where a steel door stands out from alternatives.

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When security is a concern

Wood, fiberglass, and plastic simply cannot compete with the raw stopping power of a well-constructed steel door paired to a good frame. All the more so if you opt for a heavier steel-core door over a lighter-weight wood-core door with a steel exterior. Options like the steel-stiffened doors at metalproductsinc.com also offer a mix of low weight and high strength.

To maximize energy efficiency

Steel doors offer exceptional insulation measured against comparable doors of other materials, making them an exceptional pick for exterior doors or for doors on rooms with extra climate control, such as server rooms, heated rooms, or cold storage.

Controlling costs

When comparing doors of similar quality across different materials, steel doors typically come out cheaper. While you can pinch pennies with a very lightweight wood door or with a plastic door, as soon as you move into decently built options steel pulls ahead in pricing. For exterior doors in particular, it’s difficult to compete with steel without giving up on even the slightest veneer of quality.

If you need aesthetic versatility

Steel doors, while traditionally rather simple in form, offer plenty of versatility for a property owner concerned about aesthetics. A well-designed and maintained steel door can imitate wood grain quite well, or offer up designs which would be far more expensive in wood or all but impossible in fiberglass.

To improve fire resistance

Steel doors can be built to be functionally fireproof, making them an a strong choice for fire safety and making them the default option in buildings which need fire doors. Even in a building primarily using wood, fiberglass, or plastic doors, a few strategically placed steel doors can mean the difference between a major conflagration and minor damages.

Parting thoughts

Steel may not be optimal for every door in every building, but it’s often overlooked where it would do the most good. Think carefully and make sure you’re choosing the right fit for your needs, wants, and budget.