What is the difference between bathroom tile and a kitchen tile? Tips to purchase tiles

Well, the title says it all. Did you ever wonder what makes a bathroom tile different from a kitchen tile? Why they all look so different and when you are about to purchase them, what things you must keep in mind so that you do not mix bathroom tiles for the kitchen tiles. So where lies the difference and how can you get it done without making any mistake? Probable the Tilers Sydney  for bathroom are more slippery than the kitchen ones. Or not?

Well, let’s get you out of the confusion.

There is nothing like a bathroom tile and a kitchen tile. All tiles are the same, made with the same material, it’s just the style that varies and you can perfectly make use of the bathroom tiles in any other part of the house if you want. All tiles can be used anywhere in the house. silly right? Well, no. that’s a fact and I know you enjoyed reading that too.

So now that the all Sydney tiles are just the same, how can we shop for them in such a way that we do not mix them…oh, I mean that we do fail to make the best impression.

Well, that’s a valid question and here we are to answer it to you in the best possible way.

Let us take a look at the three factors that one should consider before making the purchase for the tiles for either bathroom or the kitchen.

  1. The first thing is the resistivity. The fact is, that a kitchen tile is expected to get pretty more traffic compared to the bathroom tile. And the bathroom tile is quite expected to receive only the bathroom slippers as the traffic, so the kitchen tile has to be chosen with care, such that you pick the one that is the highest in resistivity and can withstand a lot of traffic as well. this is known as the PEI rating for the kitchen tiles. You can check this rating before selecting the times.
  2. The bathroom tiles are more likely to get water splashing and wet feet, so they have to be chosen with care too, making sure that they have anti-slip feature in them and that you can stand on them without fear of tripping away. The anti-slip feature of the bathroom tiles is said to be the R-Rating of the tiles and you should check on to it before making your purchase.
  3. Since the bathroom floors are bound to be smaller in size compared to the kitchen ones, they usually get the tiles that are smaller in size so that they do not look bad and the tiles could get fixed in a good shape too. On the other hand, kitchens are pretty large so you can fulfill your desire for large sized tiles in your kitchens.