Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your House

Although all organisms on planet Earth share the third rock from the Sun equally, humans call insects, animals, fungi, and other organisms “pests” whenever they enter their living spaces. To be fair, nobody likes living in houses, apartments, or other residences where ants swarm garbage cans, bees nest inside walls, and cave crickets fill basements. Ants are all over the planet and adapt to changing circumstances quickly. They become a problem more quickly than most homeowners think they could. Let’s take a look at several ways of getting ants out of homes or preventing them from entering.

Manually Kill Them

Though this method takes time, effort, and a bit of luck, fledgling ant infestations can be done away with by manually squishing each one of them. Ants reproduce quickly and don’t need much time to find all available sources of food inside homes. As such, manually stomping or pressing them out one-by-one can be an effective remedy in the interim. You should always ride this method out if you can’t afford any other remedy.


Sodium borate, also known as disodium tetraborate, sodium tetraborate, or by its trade name of Borax, is an effective means of poisoning ants. Keep in mind that Borax does not repel ants, though it does end their lives. Borax can be used by removing all food sources of ants and replacing them with Borax. They will take Borax back to their homes as food. This poisonous substance will be mistaken as food by all ants, resulting in widespread colony death.

Clean with Vinegar

Whenever food or drink residue is left behind, ants are able to feed off of it. Cleaning with vinegar, a natural ant repellent, will keep ants away from any residue in your home that wasn’t cleaned properly. Even though they’re tiny, ants are one of the world’s most quickly-growing pests. If you don’t know how to get rid of ants fort myers fl as soon as you see evidence of them, they could take over your home. Now you’re equipped with a few tools to fuel the fight against them with.