Tips to Care for Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding care is one area of home maintenance that is as important as it is simple to perform. Taking the time to care for your siding properly reduces the need for frequent replacement. Below are a few ways to care properly for your siding to bring extra life and longevity.


Prevent Damages as Much as Possible

Preventing accidental damage to your vinyl siding is a better option than paying for replacement and repairs. Make a firm rule to not lean items against the siding, store items close to the siding, and attach items through the siding. One bad move can create a lot of damage. Keep in mind that the vinyl surface is more brittle when it is freezing outside. Take extra care when moving objects close to the siding during these items.


Fix Loose Siding Quickly

One loose flap of siding can get ripped off and go airborne in a strong wind. You might find it broken in a ditch, ran over in the street, or it might go missing altogether. It leaves that particular area of your home exposed to moisture damage. Fasten any loose areas down.


Keep Barbecue Pits, and Trash Burn Barrels Far, Far Away

Vinyl is plastic, and it melts fast when exposed to high temperatures. Keep any gas, or charcoal barbecue pits, outdoor burn barrels, or items that throw off a lot of heat far away from the surface of your siding. If it does not entirely melt the siding, it will warp the surface.

Wash the Siding Every Year

A garden hose, scrub brush, and bucket of soapy water is all it takes to wash your vinyl siding squeaky clean. Begin near the top and work your way down. You should set aside the time to do this each year. It will keep the siding looking new and fresh.

Inspect the Entire Surface Annually

Conduct a close inspection of the siding every year to look for loose, damaged, and missing sections. Repair or fix any areas that are missing or damaged.

Call in siding experts if you are experiencing problems with your vinyl siding in Portland right away!