Tips for Cleaning Out an Inherited Home

If you have inherited your parents or grandparents home, you may decide to live there or put it on the market. Before doing either, you will have to clean out the home. When people live somewhere for many years they tend to accumulate a lot of things. There will be sentimental items as well as a lot of stuff you will need to dispose of or donate if it is in good shape.

Look Before Discarding

Be thorough when sorting through everything. What looks like an old pile of papers could actually contain stock certificates or other important documents that you will need. Often, people hide things even in their own home, particularly if it is valuable. You may find jewelry or other items in the pockets of clothing.

Family mementos, such as pictures, may not be in one place. You will have to look through everything, so you can make sure you are not throwing away something that has sentimental value. Military medals and photos of your parents or grandparents from many years ago should be preserved as they are part of the history of your family. People often have old military uniforms or other items that could be quite valuable.

Donating Items

Many items, such as furniture or clothing that no one wants to keep, can be donated. There are many charitable organizations that will pick them up for free. A lot of things may not be worth donating. When cleaning out a large home, it is a good idea to rent a dumpster for the items that will be discarded. This is why companies such as County Sanitation can provide a dumpster rental st petersburg fl.

Cleaning out an inherited home can be quite an undertaking. It will be beneficial if you have other family members to help. Siblings and close family friends can provide assistance to help ease the task. If not, you may want to consider hiring someone to help, at least with packing up household items.