The Dos and Don’ts of Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure washing your home protects it from damage caused by mildew and corrosive materials while ensuring that your home looks its best. It’s easy to assume that pressure washing your home is an easy job that you can do any time, but how and when you do it will greatly affect the results.

Hire a Professional

While at first glance it seems like renting a pressure washer and pointing it at your house is fool-proof, it’s best to hire a professional for the job. Water comes out of the machine with enough pressure to puncture human skin, so in addition to possibly hurting yourself, you can damage the paint and siding on your house if you’re not trained to do it properly. When pressure washed incorrectly, decks can become peppered with jagged splinters.

Commit To an Annual Cleaning

To ensure the best protection against mildew and to free your house of chemical buildup, it’s best to commit to scheduling a house washing Brevard County FL every year—even if you don’t see any mildew yet. If you wait for mildew to grow on the house, the paint is likely already being damaged. If it’s been a while, an extra pressure wash before you put your house on the market will improve curb appeal.

Schedule Your Cleaning Carefully

You should schedule your cleaning in the spring or early summer, depending on where you live. Most companies will still come in the rain, but if you prefer a soft washing technique you’ll need a sunny day so the cleaner has enough dwell time. If you’re planning on attempting to pressure wash your own house, however, you should never do so in the rain. No matter how leak-proof it seems to be, operating electric machinery in the rain comes with risks.

Pressure washing is a necessary tool for maintaining your home and keeping it beautiful, but it’s not generally a job you should take on yourself. Trained professionals will guarantee a clean result without damaging your house, meaning you’re free to kick back, relax and enjoy your home’s improved appearance.