Pittsburgh Solar Pool Heaters

The sun is so far from us that seven minutes pass before the light is able to reach us on Earth. Even at such a mind-boggling distance away, our beloved star is still able to provide us with over 1,300 watts per square meter. This is enough power to sustain a large microwave. It’s no wonder we have to wear sunscreen!

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Solar pool heaters Pittsburgh function through the collection of a portion of such sunlight—using it to circulate water from your swimming pool in your filter. The water moves through an assortment of solar collectors to warm it during this process.

Solar Pool Heating Process

Affordable and eco-friendly after they are installed, solar pool heaters are held as no-brainers in hotter environments. They’re still sufficiently versatile to offer real warmth and real value in colder climates as well.

Your investment to start out may come to be higher when you choose a solar pool heater. The average price is between $3,000-$4,000 to purchase and install one, but they pay for themselves over time when you look at the energy savings. With a typical life of 15–20 years, they are more durable than heat pump or gas models as well.

The greatest hidden challenge with solar pool heaters is optimizing their efficiency. The requirement of adequate sunlight suggests that your fantasy of swimming in Olympia year-round may not become a reality.

The less sun your area receives, the more time is needed for your pool to warm—and to obtain a return on your investment. You may have to compliment your solar heater with a heat pump or gas model to maintain your pool a safe temperature, depending on where you’re located.

Solar alternatives are not “plug ‘n’ play” as standard pool heaters are, but do not allow this to dishearten you. All that’s needed is a bit of careful planning and research to enhance your solar collection and your savings.