Managing Your Land Like a Pro: Tools for Large Properties


When you have acreage at your home, managing it is as important as vacuuming the living room. The land itself has considerable value. You’ll need different tools for larger properties in comparison to urban apartments, however. Feel like a professional by managing your land with these tools. They have many practical applications.

Small Dozer

A small bulldozer is a clever addition to nearly any property. Haul crops, soil and other bulk items in the bucket. You can also use it to move items around, such as fencing or feed. By choosing a small dozer, it can fit into barns and other structures. With a little bit of maintenance, a dozer can serve your property for many years.

Smart Gates

Some properties are labyrinths of gates and fencing. You might have cattle or pigs on a farm. Try to update the property with smart gates. These automatic gates for farms allow you to bump the door with a vehicle. The gate swings open for you while safeguarding the animals within. These gates save countless hours of hopping down from your vehicle and manually opening the door.

Mini Transport

You don’t have to drive your truck all over the property. Think about adding a small transport, such as a golf cart, to your vehicle collection. It’s small and easy to maintain. You’ll save money on gas while you’re still caring for the land in person.

Ample Lighting

Large properties can be very dark at night. A great tool for several reasons is ample lighting. Add permanent lights to the property’s perimeter. Consider a few fixtures along the walkways or main driveways. The light makes the property accessible at night for your loved ones while providing safety too.

Adding fencing to your property can be a pricey endeavor. It might be more cost effective to use the land’s contours as natural barriers. Streams, hills and other landmarks can act as your fencing. Looking out on a large property without too many man-made items is a joy each day.