It’s Time to Clean Up Your Yard

After a cold North Carolina winter, the warm sunshine of Spring is a welcome sight. Warm weather brings beautiful flowers and green grass and provides abundant opportunities to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

Spring also means it’s time to get outside and take care of your landscape that you may have ignored during winter months. With lots of new growth, Spring lawn care and maintenance is very important. Without regular upkeep, your lawn can quickly become overrun with pesky weeds and lawn diseases.
Clean Up the Yard

When warm weather arrives, you should start by cleaning up your yard. After winter when most plant growth is dormant, your yard may be full of fallen tree branches, twigs and sticks, and debris that has blown in with high winds. You may have overgrown trees and shrubs, as well as patches of dead grass. Since Spring is a major growth season, yard cleanup is essential for healthy new growth. You can start your cleanup by:

* Removing fallen limbs, trash, and debris
* Removing dead plants
* Raking up dead leaves
* Inspecting your lawn for signs of insects, pests, and lawn diseases
* Inspecting your trees, shrubs and plants for signs of insects and pests

Mow the Lawn

Once you have done a thorough cleanup, you will need to mow your lawn. Since your grass grows much faster during the Spring, regular lawn mowing with your mahindra 3016 hst is essential to keep your lawn healthy and well-maintained. Using proper mowing equipment will promote healthy, new grass growth and fewer weeds. Weekly or biweekly lawn mowing will help to build stronger, thicker turf that’s less susceptible to outdoor pests and lawn diseases.

If your grass is overgrown after winter, don’t make the first cut too short. This will put stress on grass growth. For best Spring growth, only cut off about one-third of the grass height with the first mowing. Give the grass about three or four days to recover, then mow a little shorter. If your grass is wet, wait until it dries out. Wet grass can clog your lawn mower and cause mower damage.