How Important is Your Home’s Foundation?

An average home weighs approximately 2,000 pounds or more. If you do not give much thought to the foundation of your home, you should be aware that is the most important part, because it carries the entire weight of the home. Problems with a foundation can result in serious damage to the entire building.

Why Waterproofing is Essential

The most common material for foundations is concrete. Just like any other material, concrete can soak up water if it is not directed away from the home. This can cause damage inside the home as well as compromise the integrity of the structure. When the foundation stays wet, the ground around it shifts. This causes the home to settle in the areas where the ground becomes less stable.

Waterproofing is essential to help protect your home. Basements are particularly vulnerable. Directing the water away from the building helps to keep it from entering the home and causing a number of problems. That is why companies such as Highlander Waterproofing & Foundation Repair offer french drain repair erie pennsylvania.

Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

What are signs that your foundation may be in jeopardy? The first place to look is the exterior walls. Are there cracks starting to appear? They can also be seen inside the home, particularly over the windows or doorways. Look for cracks where the ceiling and the wall meet. Do your doors stick when you open or close them? The same is true for windows.

Not all cracks in your concrete foundation will be a cause for concern. Some cracks are just due to concrete that shrinks somewhat as it cures. If there are small cracks in the mortar that is between concrete blocks, this is probably just due to the concrete shrinking unevenly. Look for walls that seem to bulge. If you spot this problem, along with cracks that are wider than one-fourth of an inch, the wall could be under too much pressure.

It is essential that you inspect the exterior of your home to ensure that water is being directed away from the foundation. This will help you to know if your home is just naturally settling or there is actually structural damage.