Ending the Season Right with Preventative Maintenance


As the long winter comes to an end, you might eagerly be planning for spring and summer. You might be ready to break out your patio furniture and fire up the grill for the first time in months.

However, before you celebrate the turning of seasons, you may want to remember to take care of the fixtures that served you well during the coldest months of the year. With filter changes, pilot light checks, and professional chimney cleaning Maryland residents like you can make sure your chimney is ready to be used safely next winter.

Reasons to Clean Out the Chimney

Your fireplace is a valuable source of heat during the coldest months of winter. You can use it even when the electricity and gas go out during a winter storm. It heats up the room in which it is located and provides a constant source of comfort when the weather outside is gloomy and frightening.

As you use it all winter long, however, it accumulates ash and soot that can clog the chimney. When you light a fire in it after letting the chimney sit dormant for months, you could end up causing poisonous gas to leak into your home. You also could increase the chances of the fire spreading beyond the hearth and into your home.

Professional chimney cleaners can remove the debris and close the flue for the summer so that birds and squirrels cannot make nests inside of the chimney. They can also inspect the chimney for cracks, breaks, and other damages that could cause carbon monoxide to leak inside of the house the next time you use the fireplace.

Taking advantage of this service now could save you troubles after the winter gets underway. You can enjoy the spring and summer all the while knowing that your chimney will be ready to go at the first sign of cold and snow later in the year.

Your chimney needs seasonal attention just like other important fixtures in and around your home. You can ensure its safe use by hiring professional cleaning and maintenance services today.