Effective Wafer Polishing Services


Wafer polishing is an important job because it is essentially useless until this procedure is completed. When it comes to silicon wafer polishing, the consistent practice of repeated force control has shown time and again to create only the best wafer products. There are a whole host of individuals who have been studying the process for years who have developed a number of strategies for helping you make the most of your business when it comes to wafer polishing. Consider some of these strategies:

Some wafer companies have the ability to reclaim your reject wafers several times.

There are a few companies who have developed a solid process for reclaiming many of the reject wafers a company puts out in a given day. Companies that have mastered this science can often save a client’s wafers to the point of even several thousand per day. Moreover, the companies that are better at this process can often provide a quick turnaround of one day or less.

A good wafer company will place a priority on organization.

A solid wafer company will be superior when it comes to their organizational skills. For example, they will usually have the ability to ship worldwide and they will often be able to handle anyone’s wafer needs by utilizing a computerized inventory system. Moreover, they are often able to provide technical solutions for a variety of your company needs.

A top-notch wafer company will follow a strict procedure for their wafer acquisition process.

First of all, they receive the wafers by picking them up from customers. Second, they make a report of all of the conditions of the wafers before they process them. Third, they presort the wafers based on whether they are rejects and on how thick they are. Then, they strip and etch the wafers and sort them based on how many patterns and films they might have. Finally, they also polish them, clean them by removing particles, and then they do a final inspection and a visual inspection before sending them off to quality assurance.

For a wafer polishing service to be effective, they must follow all of these procedures. Don’t settle for second best. If they are lacking in any of these areas, it is time to go on to a better company.