Common Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Repaired

A fireplace can be a great way to warm up your home or relax in front of on a cold evening. However, like with any type of appliance you own in your home, they will occasionally start acting up and showing signs that they are due for repairs. With a gas fireplace, there are specific things to keep an eye out for that will let you know it’s about time to call a reputable company of gas fireplace repair Prince George’s County, MD, such as the one found at

Poor Smoke Ventilation

One major sign that your gas fireplace is in need of maintenance or repair is when you notice the ventilation of smoke is poor. The smoke created by your fireplace needs to escape your home quickly and efficiently. If you are starting to notice a little bit of smoke escaping into your home, you should call a repair company right away. There could be a clog in your ventilation or a problem with your damper.

Burners Not Lighting

Another sign to look out for that your fireplace needs repairing is when you begin having issues trying to light the burners. With a gas fireplace, you need to have the same concerns as you would with other gas appliances. Never try to tamper with a gas fireplace by yourself. A professional is better equipped to deal with issues in a safe manner. Fireplaces may seem like an “old fashioned” type of appliance. However, most are high-tech these days and need the help of a professional technician to diagnose any issues with the burners not lighting properly.

Strange Smells

If you begin noticing some strange odors coming from your fireplace, it could be an indication of a problem. There are a number of causes for bad smells such as clogs, gas leaks and burnt wiring. Any new and strange smells from a gas fireplace should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible. While there is usually no smell from natural gas, most companies will add some ingredients into it so that home owners will be able to tell if there is a leak to get checked out.

While a gas fireplace can be a very enjoyable thing to have in your home, it can also be dangerous when not working properly. This is why it is essential to have any of these listed signs checked out by a reputable company before attempting to continue use of your fireplace. Any indication that your fireplace is not working properly puts your family and yourself in danger. It is best to not take any chances and have it properly inspected first.