Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home


There is no place like the great outdoors. In these busy and stressful everyday lives, it can be tough to enjoy the relaxation of sitting outside and enjoying Mother Nature’s splendor. To get around this little hiccup in life, bring the outdoors indoors with rustic decor and beautiful cabin area rugs.

Set the tone for your visitors by creating an inviting and engaging entryway. Depending on your home, this can be your front porch, patio, or inside the entryway. The key here is to set the mood right away to help bring the rest of your rustic decor to life. Common items include antlers or horns, smaller cabin area rugs, and old homesteader items such as trunks or pottery.

The one thing rustic decor is meant to do above all else is give you and your guests a cozy feeling. Wood walls and floors can seem hard and cold when left bare. You can easily soften and warm them up by using cabin area rugs. Unlike traditional area rugs, these rugs are meant to be functional and decorative with hints of the great outdoors in every design. Make your rustic decor stand out by applying cabin area rugs to large bare walls to display them like great wilderness tapestries while keeping cold and drafts away.

Once inside your home, you can add to the overall feeling by creating artistic displays of rustic decor. Search through local antique shops, garage sales, and pawn shops to find oddities and one-of-a-kind items that will add eye-appeal to typical wood fixtures and walls.

The final pro tip to rustic decorating is to never forget the color. Rustic and natural colors tend to be dark and plain, but you can always find items to accent these bold natural colors.