8 Tips for Managing Work Space at Home

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WORKING from home is now the choice of many people. An increasingly sophisticated communication technology gives a lot of convenience for working and coordinating remotely.

For casual workers, online shop entrepreneurs, even office workers, having a special work space at home will provide their own convenience and comfort.

A comfortable workspace makes the work atmosphere pleasant and has an impact on good work productivity. Conversely, if the workspace in your home is not well laid out, concentration will be easily disturbed and work is hampered.

How to create a pleasant work space at home? Here are 8 tips:

  1. Choose the most comfortable corner

If you don’t have a special room for workspace, choose one of the most comfortable corners in your home. Place your desk, computer, and bookshelf in your favorite corner. Choose an angle that does not deal directly with the road that is often passed by residents and not face to face with television, so that your concentration is not disturbed.

  1. Choose natural trinkets

real wood furniture, small flower pots on the corner of a table, or trees to sweeten the room, give a natural touch to your workspace. Not only beautifying the scenery and not harmful to health, natural trinkets are never out of date.

  1. Adequate lighting

Don’t work in a room that is too dark and opaque. Give enough lighting for your workspace. Use table lamps when you work at night in a quiet and dark house. The dim lighting, besides being not good for eye health, will make you sleepy quickly. To add to the lively workspace, choose lights with unique designs.

  1. Maximize the narrow space

If you have limited space, every detail becomes a focal point. Try to minimize the amount of furniture with a built-in workbench with lots of drawers and loads of objects. Don’t ignore the plain wall, which has the potential to be a superfunctional space for bookshelves, pictures, and various knick-knacks.

  1. Plant strength

Continuing point 2, everyone knows, the existence of plants is able to clean the air, make the body and mind fresher, reduce stress, and stimulate the brain to work better. So, making “greening” in your workspace is highly recommended. Some flower pots will definitely give a fresh touch to the interior of your work.

  1. Decorate the wall

Plain, drab walls. Decorate the walls with photos, posters, memos, post-it notes and reminders. In addition to enlivening the work atmosphere, some items such as a reminder board will help your work. You can also put up a painting or sentence that gives encouraging quotes.

  1. Play color

Decorate your workspace with a specific color theme. Try to make the furniture, trinkets, displays, and color of the walls of your workspace similar. Color choices according to taste that reflect your personality will make you comfortable and enjoy lingering in the workspace.

  1. Make it simple

Don’t overdo it with trinkets. Put only functional objects so that the workspace doesn’t seem crowded and messy. For example, choose only one favorite pillow to just lean or hug. Don’t put too many pillows because you have to work, not to sleep right?