4 Great Renovations and Projects for the Homestead Home

Unlike the typical suburban home, a homestead must be able to process, prepare, and store large amounts of food, while also being subjected to some muddy, dirty activities. A homestead is a wonderful place to raise children and unwind from the stresses of the more populated cities and towns; but some homes need a few renovations to make the self sufficient way of life easier to manage.

Wooden Floors

Wooden flooring is a great choice, as it can withstand a lot of wear and tear if it is properly sealed. Dropped canning jars and muddy boots can wreak havoc on flooring, as well as pets and children. Rustic planks are a beautiful flooring choice; they’ll stand up to the rigorous daily activities while making the home beautiful. Replacing all of the carpet with wooden flooring means it’s far easier to clean.

Wash Room

Going without a wash room on a homestead is quite hard. The washroom is responsible for many different activities, including hand washing laundry, washing mud and dirt off of work boots, cleaning freshly harvested produce, and much more. The washroom is commonly part of the laundry room, but large homesteads may have it entirely separate. An add-on is a big renovation, but adding a wash room to the home can greatly increase its value as a homestead.

Large Pantry

Canning, dehydrating, and pickling is a big part of self sufficiency. Growing food and storing it for the long winter will result in a full pantry during the summer and fall. There’s no such thing as a pantry that is “too big”, but a small pantry can be a deal breaker for many homesteaders. After a pantry is added to the home or extended, be sure to add well anchored, strong metal shelving throughout the pantry. Canning jars and beans can be quite heavy.

Root Cellar

A root cellar is a vital part of storing root vegetables through the winter. A root cellar can actually be a converted section of a basement or crawl space. Otherwise, it could be excavated in the backyard. This cellar will keep root vegetables at the right humidity and temperature to keep them from rotting during storage.

With the right renovations, any home can become a wonderful homestead.