Three Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid

Home improvement projects like renovating your kitchen or finishing your basement can add thousands of dollars to the total value of your home and help it sell faster when you put it on the market. Even if you don’t want to sell your home anytime in the near future, you may want to do some of these projects to increase the amount of living space in your home or to make the home work better for your family. No matter what projects you want to choose, you need to make sure that you avoid some common mistakes.

Using the Wrong Materials

Using the wrong materials is just one of the mistakes that you might make when renovating your home. One example is someone who chooses a trendy material. You can walk into a home and know within seconds if the owners renovated it in the 1980s because of the colors on the walls and the lighting fixtures. Choosing trendy materials can make your house look dated in the near future too. You should stick to more basic and classic materials and colors.

Hiring a Contractor Without Insurance

When you hire professionals to work on your home, you often ask for … Read more

3 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Your Ham Radio Licensing Exam

Aspiring ham radio operators should know that a license is needed to legally operate a console in the U.S. These licenses come in three separate classes: Technician, General and Amateur Extra. Each license has its own set of privileges, with Amateur Extra holders having the most freedom. Additionally, anyone feeling trepidation at the prospect of test-taking can take solace in the fact that these licenses are fairly easy to earn, provided you study. Before scheduling a test date and hitting the books, take care to consider the following pointers.

1. You Can’t Jump Ahead

Since operators with General and Amateur Extra licenses have more privileges than people with Technician licenses, some people wish to bypass the Technician exam altogether. If this describes your situation, be aware that jumping ahead isn’t allowed. In order to take the test for a General license, you’ll need to have passed the Technician exam – and in order to take the Amateur Extra test, you’ll need to have passed the General test. You can, however, take multiple exams on the same day, so if you’re confident in your ham radio knowledge, you can theoretically earn all these licenses in one go. Of course, it helps … Read more