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Together with Facilities, Columbia Housing conducts annual upgrades and renovations of choose residences. Highlights of previous and planned initiatives are listed here by constructing.

Repaint or Stain – Giving your cupboards an entire new color scheme is a good way to make a major change to your kitchen. There are so many colors and choices to select from, you may choose one thing that is totally opposite out of your present look. Keep in mind you could all the time paint over painted or stained cupboards, however you possibly can’t stain over paint.

In all reality we knew there would be issues, it just never seams like a huge deal until your elbows deep in a sea of insulation, and more stuff must be completed earlier than the following factor. A ‘easy’ kitchen renovation turns into a raging storm of demotion and a reallocation of vitality into tasks you didn’t even knew existed. But with limitless tenacity and an insurmountable extenuation of stick-to-itve-ness we accomplished the demolition.Renovation

The baseboards within the lobby were painted with fake marble. Thos. Day was know to have craftsmen in his shop who specialized in portray pine to seem like mahogany and faux marble painting was very fashionable in his day. The fake marble was in all probability painted by Samuel Shelton. On a hunch, we tried taking some Strypeeze to the paint on the risers, and behold!

Jamie despatched me your link and it’s extremely exciting to see all you have got achieved since Bob Carter and I met you two years ago – I am sending it on to him additionally. The interior work you might be doing is absolutely nice, and all the details you provide are so useful. Like Marie Reedy, especially admire the name of the faux painter. Many homes like mine in Madison, from the same period, are faux painted – surely it will probably’t be the same artist, but until now I hadn’t heard the names of any painters at all – thanks for taking the time to share like this!