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Tankless Water Heaters – A Big Factor in Money-saving for Households Using tankless water heater is a great way to save money. The biggest difference of using this type of water heater compared to the regular ones is that it is more energy efficient. Unlike a regular water heater that constantly heats up the stored water, the tankless water heater can really help you save money. The tankless heater will only heat up the water in an instant and if you require it to do so. A good example to this is when you want to take a hot shower, using a regular water heater will require you to wait for a longer time to change the temperature of the water. However, using a tankless water heater will immediately change the water to hot once you turn it on.
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You have two options in which the water is heat up in a tankless heater and these are through a gas burner or an electrical element. The type of tankless unit is the one that dictates what source of heat your heater is using. It is important though that you weigh the pros and cons of the heater before purchasing. The unit price and the installation cost are basically the cons. Another factor to take into consideration is the flow rate.
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When it comes to hot water supply, it has a constant rate. Old heaters need time to heat water and once the stored water is fully consumed, you will need to wait for the water to become warm again. This often happens when there is someone who used the shower first. But by using the tankless heater, you won’t have to wait for the water to get warm. The tankless heater can supply you with an average warm water of two to five gallons a minute. You still have options to choose a tankless heater that can store more than the average of two to five gallons. There are various factors to take into consideration when buying the tankless heater and these are the voltage, size and the fuel type. There are large sizes that can accommodate the entire people in your house. It is easy to pick out the voltage for an electric tankless unit. You can either choose 110V or 220V for the voltage but using 110V is easier because of the availability of the plug-in. Upon installation, make sure that you hire professional installer because this type of job should not be left with just anybody. Choosing the size of the heater will depend on how big is the area you have provided for your tankless heater. Despite the fact that there are a lot of options for water filter and heater in the market, make sure you know how to choose properly.