Renovating Old Houses

 mezzanine_983The old house that he was already half a century, or even hundreds of years, has a character that is so strong, that sometimes attract some people to stay in it. However, due to old age, it is natural that many sections and corner of the house that has been damaged, dull, and even disappear. If you have a good house that relics of the elderly or buy a house that has been damaged due to old age, do not despair, you should make home improvements that carefully and deliberately. So you do not need to buy new homes that are quite expensive. Because you already have a house habitable with a little remodeling the house. It is inevitable that the house is a building that requires treatment. This treatment must be done if the house is occupied, so knowing the location of the damage and can be repaired properly. However, if you own a home that has not been occupied so that it appears a variety of damage. Then you need to take time, effort, and cost to be able to make the old house ready for occupancy and back look more attractive.
Perform repair old and damaged homes can actually be done in a simple way. However, it should be recognized that the engineering improvements, whether large or small is very dependent on the damage. The more severe the damage then your load will also increase. You can fix it slowly, starting from the easiest to the most difficult part.

For those of you who have problems in the repair of old houses, then the following easy steps start the reforms:

Cleaning the house

The first step in improving occupancy already with age is to clean out the trash. Especially if the old dwelling owned have not lived in, then take a day to clean the house in total. Discard items that are not used or damaged so as not to make the home look crowded. Clean the area of the floor, the ceiling area, a part-stream stairs, and so thoroughly. A clean house will be more easily fixed, because the damage is more easily seen and can be addressed.

Checking and analyzing the condition of the building

Check the floor, the walls of the house, the house, and the whole house if there are damaged or are still in good condition. If you see damage to the tiles, for example, you can begin to repair the house of the tile. Able to patch up broken tiles or replace the tiles as a whole if the damage is severe. Likewise with the other parts of the house, if they can be maintained then it should be repaired as necessary. However, if the damage is severe enough, you should fix by replacing it in its entirety.

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Coat the old house with new paint

The house is old will generally have paint that was peeling, so it needs to be replaced with new paint. You can choose the preferred color for refurbishing the old house so the walls seem new. Slap a different color so that the old impression could disappear altogether and replaced with a fresh color. If by chance you have older homes tend to be small then you should select bright paint colors. But if your house is quite large, you will be free to experiment. Because it could use a dark color, bright, or a combination of both.
Make sure the surface you paint a wall to be re-clean of dust. Clean dust and dirt on the wall area. Dirt on the walls of this very obliged eliminated. Dust, dirt and oil stains will make the final result is not smooth and evenly paint. Clean with water mixed with a detergent formula is soft and spongy cellulose. Rub the sponge to the walls to clean, then rinse with water to remove soap residue
Use base paint (wall putty) to close gaps or cracks in the walls, and blend until smooth using sandpaper. Apply a paint primer also, a kind of liquid that is applied before painting in order to get the end result is flat and shiny.

Filling the house with new furniture

When the damage has been repaired well, now you just give it a more modern touch. In addition to applying new paint colors, you also need to use the new furniture that old impression slightly reduced. Choose furniture that you want but still consider the design house owned. The furniture will fit perfectly specific to a particular home design as well. Such classic home it helps you fill it with ethnic furniture, such as wooden furniture and handicrafts. Success to renovate the old house into a more modern and comfortably habitable.

Check the condition of the garden, driveway and fence

In renovating and rearranging the old house, we not only need to consider the interior alone. The outside of the room is also important to note. If in the old house there is a park or garden, of course, you must clean it before rearranging the orchard.
In addition to the garden, the driveway is also an aspect that must be seen, whether the pave still good or not. After that, check the fence. If made of iron, maybe there will be a little rust on the surface, and need to be repainted or replaced. If the fence is made of wood, is not impossible that the wood had rotted, considering already for many – years of exposure to the weather outside and direct sunlight.