Painting The Wall House

house-painting-tips-before-moving-in-testing-paintsPaint the walls a beautiful house with Motif And good, basically any changes in the house including the need. It aims to avoid boredom when we occupy occupancy, and get a new atmosphere. As for how we can do can range from a simple thing is to change the decor of the room, paint the walls or walls or by way of renovating the house. For home remodeling course we have set aside large enough, so we recommend using another way is to change the color of your walls so your house look more fresh again.

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Techniques change the color of the wall paint to give the appearance of a home like new has long been in use, but the difference with today is located in the motif that is used so that not only create a new atmosphere, but also adds to your home, a lot of patterns that you can use to decorate your walls, either by using a pattern of lines or with other motives that effect.
Paint the walls of the house can be done by anyone and does not need to have expertise in these fields, as long as we know how to do it right, How to paint the walls house the following is true:

To get the maximum results the first thing you can do is to clean the walls would we paint, if the wall before you paint already then you can scrape it clean, it is intended that when repainting the walls later no clumps.

So that the paint is not nowhere, we should vacate the room that we will give paint and other protective newspapers and on the bottom so as not to contaminate your ceramics.

The next step was to choose a brush that will be used, if the field we are going to paint the wall area then we should put on the brush roller while for the hard part is to be reached as the corner of the room we can use a small brush.

Paint your walls in one direction, from top to bottom or vice versa, so that the paint more evenly and to obtain good results we recommend you use a basic paint colors on the walls.

There are so many patterns of paint on the walls of which are as follows:

Paint Wall Motif Line

To get a line pattern on the wall then we first have to make patterns using pencil on the wall, having formed line pattern then the next step is to give masking tape on the line and the next is repainting, after all finished then you just let go of the tape that was in pairs and Clean up your incorrect (paint line that closed duct tape)

Paint Wall Stenciling Techniques Motif

Have we saw beautiful motifs on the walls, but not the use of wallpaper, to paint these motives we can just use the stencils, namely how to paint your walls by using a mold pattern motif which we prepared, how to paint it pretty easy, you just put the pattern on the wall and so in the paint followed the pattern, but sometimes people are still confused in making this stencil motif pattern.

Paint the walls Motif Using Roller

And the last is to use roller motif, this method is considered the easiest because you just paint on your walls, lots of choice of motifs that you can use so that it can be adjusted with your favorite taste.

That was some wall motifs cool that you can apply in your dwelling, actually a lot of ways that we can use to beautify the walls of the house, especially in the interior such as wrapping the strap on the roller, with a cloth or other means, perhaps that’s all that can be delivered on this occasion may be beneficial.