Maintaining Grass On Home Garden

In addition to adding green, the grass can also cover the impression of empty and unkempt in the garden yard. Ornamental grass kinds of elephant grass and Japanese relatively easy to live. However, planting it can not be arbitrary. Weather factors, fertilizers and drainage need to be carefully calculated. Here are the steps of planting. Green grass in the yard of the house can provide coolness and beauty. Keeping green grass in the yard becomes a must for anyone who wants his house to look beautiful and fresh. There are several ways that you can use to maintain and maintain green grass on your home garden.

Many activities you can do on the grass green in the yard of the house. You can add beauty by adding various ornamental plants on it, you can also spend time playing or relaxing with family. In addition to fresh effects, green color can provide an atmosphere of tranquility.

Choose Grass

Choose the fresh green grass. A uniform green color indicates grass grows well. This will speed up the adaptation of new places. Grasses obtained from roadside vendors are usually either slabs or a box-shaped ground layer or spheres overgrown with grass. Immediately do the planting so the grass does not wither.

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Soil Processing

Soil to soothe the nutrients in the soil layer up and water more pervasive. Flatten the soil according to the desired soil contour. Then clean the soil from debris or rocks and weeds that can interfere with the ornamental grass later on.

Give Fertilizer

The fertile soil has an important role in accelerating the growth of grass. The fertilizer can be either compost or manure. For the area of 5 x 5 m s / d 10 x 10 m can be given manure or compost as much as 25 kilograms. Manure that try to be completely mature and smooth, because it can prevent the existence of seeds of wild grasses pd fertilizer. The ratio of fertilizer to the soil is 1: 1. Fertilization is one of the things that need to be done at least three months. Use a fertilizer with a ratio between Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium 1: 1: 1. The dose used is 100 gr / m2. Mix a little fine sand on the fertilizer to spread more evenly.

Grass Injections

The grass is often stepped on, the ground will be on and harden. This will affect grass growth. Grass requires air for its growth. Therefore it is necessary to do the injection by making a hole with a fork as deep as 5 to 10 cm with a distance of 10 to 3 cm, then fill with sand or fine humus. These holes will help the plant to absorb water and fresh air into the soil.


How to plant a good reply can be done neatly, arranged like a chess board or slab for mini elephant grass. If you want good growth then the grass is spaced between 2-4 cm so that the growth does not jostle and poke uneven. However, planting can be done tightly to prevent soil erosion usually on the slopes or contour slopes.

Provision of Sand

To increase the water absorption, sand can be granted on the sidelines of the soil that is still visible among the grass planted. Sand do not try too much and do not cover the grass. The sand that is well used is the white sand from the beach. If it is difficult to obtain, can also be replaced with fine soil.


Pull grass without causing puddles, because it can cause the grass to rot. For treatment, watering can be done 2 times a day. Water is one of the important elements for your grass health. There was a time when the grass did not get enough water that usually arises in the dry season, so it takes a more intensive watering in the morning and evening. Excess water conditions are also not justified, because it will cause decay in the grass. Use of tools such as sprayer grass flush will be better because the water is given smoothly and evenly.

Organic Fertilizer for Grass

The use of organic fertilizer needs to be done so that the soil remains loose and is expected to accelerate the process of food absorption by plants. The smooth and dry humus is one of the best organic fertilizers. Spread organic fertilizer over the soil surface evenly with a dose of 1 kg / m2.

Regular grass care done regularly can make the grass in your yard stay green and fresh. 8 How to care for grass above is not costly enough, than you have to replace the lawn in your yard with new grass, if your grass has been damaged and dry. Better to prevent than to treat is not it?