How to Clean The Dust at Home

 534e2b15-be34-4bd7-900b-61e0ca2ba9b3All kinds of feather duster, cloth and vacuum cleaners can help remove house dust, dust is very disturbing for survival inside the house.
Cleaning the dust in the house sometimes to no end, because once cleared, the surface of home furnishings immediately plastered with dust again. Dust containing particles of dead skin, pollen dry, the remains of dead insects, germs, dirt and others. Thick dust not only an eyesore, but also cause odor, difficulty breathing and cause disease.
How to clean dust effective in the following will solve the problems of odor and make the indoor air fresh and free source of respiratory allergies.

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Duster is a simple tool that can help you get rid of the dust in the house. Every home should have at least one duster. There are several types of duster based material, such as chicken feather duster, microfiber duster and a duster electrically. Microfiber duster made of tassels effective microfiber cloth attracts dust. While the electric duster has a strong power to attract dust particles.
How to eliminate dust and odor

The following steps should be conducted at least once a week to maintain a healthy environment in the home and free of allergens. Always start getting rid of dust in the high parts. For example on the closet, a ceiling fan, the picture frame-advance so that the dirt falls into a lower surface that has not been cleaned. Wear a dust mask for that you do not inhale the dust fluttering.

To cupboard, sideboard, and other hard surfaces, damp cloth more effectively attract dust than a dry cloth only move the dust. Alternatively, use a feather duster or a cassowary chicken that has an appeal dust better. Magnetic power duster feathers attract dust without cast it back into the air.

For walls, use a dry sponge to remove dust. Microfiber duster can also be used to reach the upper wall. While the microfiber cloth and cleaning products can be used for wiping wood wainscot which restricts the walls and floor.

For curtains and cushions or chairs, use a vacuum cleaner with moderate strength and feathered ends.

For areas that are difficult to reach or computer equipment, use an electric or air duster spray to blow the dust off the narrow portions. If the electric feather duster is not available, just use a feather duster.

For carpet, vacuum cleaner machines can be relied upon to vacuum in between the fibers of the carpet. Vacuuming the carpet or floor should be done as the last stage so that no dust falling on it.

For the floor, mop with a dry mop. This method is more effective than sweeping the dust because the dust could spread again when washed. After wiping the dust mop the floor as usual if the material could mop your floor wet.

Spray air fresheners with the scent of your favorite flowers or place to live with a favorite fragrance.

prevent dust from entering the house

Dust that has been removed not mean it will not come back again. After all the conditions around and wherever your home, dust always find a way back into the house uninvited. Consider the following tips to minimize the chances of dust into the house:

Open a window when the outside environment is not too dusty, for example when it is raining. Opening the windows still need to be done at least one hour every day for air circulation smoothly.

Take care air conditioning and ventilation filter regularly. Suck dust stuck on the filter vacuum cleaner engine wear. If possible, remove the filter and wash.

Bring service carpet cleaning your carpet clean of dust and smelling fresh. If you want to wash itself, read and follow the care instructions of your carpet.

Spray curtains and cushions with fabric refresher every week. Wash the fabric that can be removed use a washing machine or take it to the dry cleaners services.
Carpets, curtains, and fabrics on the furniture is a favorite place of dust. Consider replacing the carpet with a regular floor, replace curtains with blinds, and replace the furniture with leather. Change bed sheets once a week if possible.