Home Repair Kit

After years of transforming houses and helping prospects at our hardware shops, I share expertise every house owner should have, with merchandise you may get at your local hardware store.

Harvey: For the most part we work with the poor, aged and disabled, but when we get a referral from one other company we do not ask any questions. For instance, when Meals on Wheels calls and tells us a couple of home in disrepair, that’s all we need to hear. Having said that, though, we do exercise some discretion. We want to concentrate on serving the actually needy.

First it’s essential to discover the extent of the damage, Robert! I am unfamiliar with the wall development in your explicit camper so it will be laborious to give you a precise starting point. Perhaps extra details about the type of wall supplies would give me an concept of your drawback. There is basically nothing you may injury which can’t be repaired most often!

I actually have a plumbing query. I am at the moment gutting and transforming a 24ft. Jayco camper. I know that there is a vent for the black water tank and the gray water tank. But, one of many vents going up by means of the ceiling is in the way of the place i would like to put a bunk mattress. Is there any rule that says that I cannot be a part of these two vents into one, right above the floor maybe? Or maybe another choice could be to elbow the vent that’s in the best way over just enough that it clears the place i want the bed after which back over where it currently goes by the roof. Do the vent pipes must be straight up and down vertical? Thanks for any help!

I disconnected the capacitor(cautious to not short the contacts, didn’t desire a shock) after which with an INSULATED screwdriver proceeded to quick the contacts on the capacitor safely to discharge an cost that was in there. I noticed stamped on the capacitor that it was a 45/5MFD 370 V. Now, you don’t necessarily have to know what these mean. The MFD is the power of the capacitor ( the more necessary quantity), the 370 being the voltage it operates at. When you get a alternative ensure you get one which has the identical mfd and no less than the identical voltage. You can go larger on the voltage but not decrease. I would just be protected and get the identical.