Heating and Cooler Room

time-sleeping-cold-you-asked In the 60s, only 12 percent of Americans who have a cooler room. Heating is an absolute necessity for the people who live in colder climates. AC is a newcomer in terms of temperature control equipment.

If you do not care for air conditioning in the home, office or car, the refrigerant can be polluted and dangerous. Asthma and allergy problems can be rooted from AC contaminated. Sick building syndrome is also part of the air-conditioning problem untreated. We begin to see the symptoms of sick building syndrome in the 70s and 80s. People in office buildings began to complain of the building making them sick.
Symptoms in the form of nasal congestion, respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue and skin irritation. His own research evidence linking air conditioning system in the building with the symptoms above.
The explanation, there are micro-organisms growing in the air conditioning system may be subtle impact on certain people. But it is unclear how many people are sensitive to that system or how big the problem is.

Not like the heating system, air cooling process creates a lot of moisture and condensation should be channeled. When the air conditioning system is not treated or damaged, the system becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. To protect yourself, the best protection is conditioned serviced regularly.
But the AC was also beneficial to health. Outdoor air pollution is a major problem urban areas, especially the dense traffic. AC filter particles from outdoor air pollution.

Exposure to particulate air pollution may increase the risk of hospitalization and premature death due to heart problems. The use of AC manicured lowers a person’s risk of heart disease complications. The use of central air conditioning causes air pollution from outside the less that goes into the room compared to the open window. In times such as the current heat attack which caused the death of many people, the AC also save lives.

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Besides the installation of air-conditioning room is very determine the quality of freezing and durability AC Lounge, for it for those of you who want to install air conditioning new room or 2nd and wanted to take care of him, then start from the position of installation, because installation is not good even if you do care cleaning service regularly stays A room air conditioner you will not last long, here are some things you should consider when installing AC Lounge:
Position Indoor Unit
indoor positioning unit must be located at least 20 cm from the roof, aims to better air circulation, as air is blown by the indoor unit is sucked from the top and front of the indoor unit. So, if the top of the closed roof will greatly reduce the quality of cooling. Then to note from the installation of the indoor unit is the stuff that lies beneath it, do not install the indoor unit of the underlying source of electrical, electronic equipment, computers, and tools that should not be exposed to water, this was done to anticipate when AC room in filthy conditions and water will drip from the indoor unit.

Position Outdoor Unit
the position of the outdoor unit will determine the durability of the AC Lounge, because most machines AC Lounge is located on the outdoor unit, therefore the installation of the outdoor unit should be lower at least 30 cm between the pipe joints indoor and outdoor, it is intended that the engine oil will always return to outdoor unit. Because circulating compressor oil will come together refrigran, if the outdoor compressor oil is higher then in 1-2 years will move to the indoor unit and can not return to the outdoor unit, the oil that is in the indoor unit would hinder the exploitation of the heat, but it causes the compressor shortage of oil and over time will cause the compressor damaged.

Pipe Connector Outdoor-Indoor
the connecting pipe must be considered because if the pipe until it bent refrigran will impair circulation. The length of the connecting pipe is the most excellent between 3 meters to 6 meters (this is the ideal length), but if not possible can be expanded up to 9 meters to 12 meters (depending on power AC Lounge) if it is less than 3 meters should be the connecting pipe is rolled up behind the outdoor thus achieving 3 meter.

Waste Water Trails
water discharge lines should also be considered because if not properly water will drip from the indoor unit makes it uncomfortable, therefore, when we make water discharge lines we must remember that water flows from higher to lower places.