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Window Well Covers and its Added Security Windows could be one of the easiest ways for criminals to enter a property, especially with the basement window. The challenge is that a lot of basement window wells need to be put in place by the IRC 2000 Egress Code that states that windows that has a sill height which is below ground elevation should have a window well of at least 9 square feet also with a horizontal projection about 36 inches. This in fact is a huge and is a vulnerable doorway for the privacy of your home, which also is understandable, but the egress area also could be protected and could be designed to deter criminals through placing an egress window well cover over the well. This is also going to help prevent water damage and also snow fills in the wells, depending with what style you wish to get whether it’s steel or other kind of materials. Steel covers likewise includes rebar, mesh and also the other forms of covers which sometimes have holes in them that will help to allow sunlight in passing through. This is going to help prevent accidents and is going to protect children and small pets in falling to the holes next to your property. Not only are the window wells there for the purpose of safety if there are fires or other emergency escape situations, it will also allow emergency crews to enter your property easily.
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The escape actually is much easier when you use escape ladders, which is why it’s best that you have one with you. Most properties tend to only have one ladder only as an escape route, but it’s best to have two of it as precaution.
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Some of the window well covers are custom fit in order to provide better protection and when this is properly built, it is able to hold for more than 300 pounds. This is however not the case entirely because there are a lot of poorly made covers that could easily rust and cannot hold too much weight. A rubberized coated window well cover is found to be better compared to the sand blasted or painted covers because this comes with a UV protection and with an anti-rust and anti-corrosion to give maximum life and also give maximum protection. You should always bear in mind the importance of doing research well first so you could get guarantees on the quality of the material type you choose and which will be suitable for your home. Make sure that you also call the right professionals that will handle its installation process so you will get guarantees.