Cleaning house

header-Cleaning-my-room-little-girl-with-duster-brush Air pollution by dust particles can be caused by natural events and can also be caused by human activity itself. Particles that pollute the air many kinds and types, depending on the kinds and types of existing activities. Regarding the kinds and types of particulate air pollutants and sources of pollution have been many. In general, particles that pollute the air can damage the respiratory tract. The particles are very harmful to human health. In general, the air that has been polluted by particles can cause various respiratory diseases or pneumoconiosis.

At a time when people inhale air containing the particles will be inhaled into the lungs. The size of particles (dust) that goes into the lungs will determine the site of attachment or deposition of these particles. Particles that are less than 5 microns are retained in the upper respiratory tract, while the particle size of 3 to 5 microns will be retained on the middle part of the respiratory tract. Particles that are smaller, 1 to 3 microns, will go into the air sacs of the lungs, attached to the alveoli. Even smaller particles, less than 1 micron, will drop out when the breath exhaled

A clean and healthy home is the dream of all the family. The house is clean and healthy to provide comfort and happiness of its inhabitants. But if the house is always dirty, not only the occupants of the home were not comfortable, but their health is always threatened. Routine cleaning the house, an activity that you should do in order to keep the house clean, but it is different for us are busy and do not have time to clean the house. Although often cleaned, in fact a lot of dirt and fine dust is not visible eye, can not be washed away.

Indoor air quality

Dirty air is one of the reasons for cleaning the air ducts in your home. When the channels are clean air circulation system is also clean and does not contain dust or dirt, and the air we breathe at home cleaner. Will not make allergies and respiratory duct diseases.

And indoor air quality is very important, the thing that is common is the concern of homeowners when air duct cleaning is the difficulty in reaching the most difficult especially your house has many rooms, it is very annoying, because you can not clean the air ducts alone. Dust stick will make indoor air is getting dirty and contains a lot of germs. If a problem like that, air duct cleaning Phoenix is the solution.

With professional workers who resolve air duct problems in your home, you will save your time. A dirty air duct contains many impurities such as fur, dust, and chemicals can be cleaned with a blink of professional workers.
Do not let your air ducts are dirty, this will result in residents feel things below:

1. You often feel ill

Perhaps the dust on the floor, the carpet and the sofa can be cleaned easily. But what about the small scattered dust in air is not visible? These small particles precisely the one who threatens your health. These pollutants can disrupt the respiratory tract from allergies you can, to asthma. Worse, indoor air pollution can threaten the functioning of the brain and heart. If you’ve been affected by it, the cost of treatment would be enormous. Where the role of the air duct cleaning is needed.

2. Breathing becomes difficult and strenuous.

Ever felt difficulty breathing in the house? That means the level of dust in your home is already very high. If this happens, you may be in danger to respiratory infections and shortness of breath prolonged. Do not let dirty home can affect your health and comfort of living at home.

3. You keep seeing dust everywhere

It feels like home already cleared, but no dust is left behind? If you experience it, it means your source of pollutants at home yet get rid of completely. If so, how many times you clean the house, the dust will return again contaminate your home and make her uncomfortable.

4. The room became stifling

Ever felt the room your bedroom suddenly hot? That means the level of dust scattered your room very high. Stifling indoor rooms can make you sleep soundly. Usually you wake up in the night because the atmosphere uncomfortable. Consequently your sleep disturbed and can cause insomnia.

5. Your asthma is getting worse.

Indoor air pollution can make asthma more severe disease. Deterioration of air pollution as a living hell for people with asthma. If relatives / family or your children feel their asthma is getting worse and often recur.